Unedited Content

E8: David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial (25:06)
E8: Gale Reece, founder of iKnow Expo (25:26)
E8: Carle Pippin, retired large animal vet and recipient of AARP’s 2018 Andrus Award for Community Service (30:11)
E7: Dr. Nancy Henkin, Sr. Fellow with Generations United, discusses expanding the role of Elders in lives of kids and community. (30:47)

E7: Entrepreneur Michael D. Teague discusses his forthcoming book, “Re-Launching at Mid-Life: Creating the Change You Have To Make”. Fast forward to 4:23 to enjoy recorded interview. (25:09)

E5: Vic and Colleen Bitter, married in 1969, share fond memories from 52-years of marriage. (26:06)

E5: Closet and space organizer Ashley Gude offers tips and ideas for downsizing or simply ‘calming the chaos’ so people can focus on living life. (33:29)