It is safe to say a majority of family members know very little about the early years of aging loved ones. As time claims grandparents, aunts, uncles and eventually dads and moms most families miss opportunities to collect, treasure, and preserve memories. Something as simple as what was the first movie they ever saw inside a theatre, or their cherished childhood memories. Many of us do not know how they met, their favorite possession(s), favorite age, things to do; and 32 more open ended questions. Seniors can also create closer and more meaningful relationships with same age friends or intergenerational relationships.


A recent study 67% of adults said that knowing their family history made them feel wiser as a person. Another 72% said knowing it brought them closer to older relatives. 52% in the same survey said they discovered ancestors they had not known about. Aging With Grace 55+: The Game is another step in taking time beyond mundane banter to create positive memories together that can be reminisced later to provide more meaningful interactions. This unique game of round-robin playing cards is also the perfect ice breaker for community centers, churches, and other places where seniors gather to learn or simply have fun.  Residents in independent living and assisted living communities get to know each other better as healthcare staff learns more about those in their care.  Randomly selected cards can also spice up routine family gatherings including holidays. Exercising the memory may improve recall while sparking a rich trove of memories and family fun!  

Pay introductory price of only $27.00 for 33 jumbo cards. Plus $9.88 fixed costs for packaging, shipping, handling and sales tax for an introductory price of only $38.50 ($1.16 per card) for hours of nostalgic fun!

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