S2 /E12: Special Edition: Vote Safe Kentucky!

Secretary of State Michael G. Adams addresses numerous urban myths while reassuring Kentuckians their votes are protected in the upcoming mid-term election cycle. For more information visit Vote Safe Kentucky.gov Also enjoy some political trivia including origins of our 2500-year-old democratic process!

S2 /E11: Molo Village, Retirement Tool for Financial Well Being, and Origins of an Iconic Condiment

2023 AARP Purpose Prize Winner Reverend Dr. Jamesetta Ferguson, President & CEO of MOLO Village, CDC, reflects on the mission of her organization located in an economically depressed area. David Lau, President & CEO of DPL Financial Partners, discusses RISA as one of his firm’s popular retirement tools. Episode ends with the incredible story of international success while facing financial ruin after the Civil War.

S2 /E10: Guaranteed Income for Life and Managing Care for Aging Mother

Numerous surveys indicate seniors fear running out of money in retirement. David Lau, Founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, shares their scientific researched Guaranteed Income Analysis (GIA) tool designed to allay these concerns. Debbie Burdof shares insights into the challenging and practical sides of providing and coordinating care giving for her aging mother. Including the importance of “giving yourself and family grace” during this transitional phase.

S2 /E9: The Journey from Corporate to Non-Profit to Retiree & Beware: Fraud Alerts and Scams

Larry M. McDonald has served in significant leadership roles for more than forty years. Prior to retiring from the Lincoln Foundation Larry was a corporate executive who held numerous leadership roles at Humana, Inc., including Human Resources. Specifically in the areas of diversity, employee relations, and management development. Gary Adkins, now a volunteer with AARP / KY, was an assistant Commonweath Attorney for 18 years. His experience includes prosecuting two defendants who defrauded investors of over seven million dollars in violation of the KY Securities Act.

S2/E8: What I Know Now & Healthy Brain Aging Across the Bluegrass

Learn more from an interview with Steve McCrocklin as it appears in the summer edition of Today’s Transitions magazine with a focus on Intentions. Diagnosed with dyslexia as a child Stephen, and Claudia his wife and business partner, co-founded Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers. More information available at weteachreading.com. Elizabeth Rhodus, Ph.D., discusses the pilot program “Healthy Brain Aging Across the Bluegrass” which she is leading as part of the mission of UK’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging & Alzheimer’s. For more information, please email elizabeth.rhodus@uky.edu or call 859.257.5562.

S2/E7: Special Edition: Vote Safe Kentucky! Part 2

Conclusion of an interview with Kentucky Secretary of State Michael G. Adams who discusses how to register, check or change voter registration online voter portal GOVOTEKY.com. Other topics discussed include emphasizing the need for 15,000 precinct workers for May 17th Primary Elections. For more information visit GOVOTEKY.com.

S2/E6: The Psychology of Investing, Part One: The Risk Adverse & The Follower

 Preserving wealth becomes a major concern given Americans age 55+ will spend one third of their life in retirement. Annuities as a potentially attractive option. However, the fear factor sometimes prevents those over age 55 from risking any type of investment and those who do fall into four categories. In Part One of a Two Part series David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, discusses two of the four typical investor personalities: (1) The Risk Adverse and (2) The Follower. Seasoned writer Lucy M. Pritchett shares short trip ideas for seniors. Episode 6 concludes with the story of a determined young man who despite numerous failures built a recognized brand for shoppers.

S2/E5: Special Edition: Vote Safe Kentucky!

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael G. Adams discusses a new online Voter Services Portal, absentee drop-boxes for ballots and other topics while also emphasizing the need for 15,000 precinct workers for May 17th Primary Elections. For more information visit GOVOTEKY.com.

S2/E4: From Nurse to Hospital CEO and University Provost

Part 2 of interview with OBGYN specialist Dr. William T. “Bill” Baker. Dr. Joanne Berryman reflects on her career in healthcare from nurse to senior VP and later CEO. Including as former University Provost. AARP Historian Emerita Lilly Liu shares “Pearls of Wisdom” collected from writings of Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus (1884- 1967), educator and founder of AARP.

S2/E3: AARP Foundation Provides $1 Million In Tornado Relief 

On December 10, 2021, an EF3 tornado ripped across 200 miles taking lives and destroying several communities in the western part of Kentucky. AARP Foundation provided $1 million in grants for ten agencies providing support for tornado victims. This Special Edition  focuses on how residents in the affected areas can access these much needed funds. Guests: Carla Brown, Executive Director Community Action of Southern Kentucky (Bowling Green) / $50,000.00; Jill Collins, Director of Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living / $50,000.00; and Charlotte Whittaker, President of Kentucky AARP.

S2/E2: Senior Hikes Appalachian Trail & OBGYN Hangs Up Stethoscope

At age 60 + Mike Thompson shares his on going experiences hiking the entire 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail. Jeanne Freibert from JeanneFreibertStudio.com shares background and training for her creative artwork and Dr. William T. “Bill” Baker discusses life after 40-years as an OBGYN.

S2/E1: Heather French Henry Discusses Resources for Veterans and Traveling Exhibit “White Christmas”

Most people know her as Miss America 2000. Throughout her life Heather French Henry has also been an advocate for veterans. As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, she has passionately assisted and honored those who served our country. This episode includes a discussion of free services for citizen soldiers.  Heather also shares her family’s passion for collecting rare artifacts and set pieces from the holiday movie classic “White Christmas” on display at the Rosemary Clooney Museum.

E11: Home Makeovers for the Less Fortunate and a Shot of Hope

Gerry Harrah shares her passion decorating living spaces for victims of spousal abuse, former drug addicts, alcoholics and others on the fringes of society. Jacqueline Teague, 17, and Amelie Beck, 15, created VaxConnectKY which has so far helped 2,000 non-computer savvy senior citizens register on line for the COVID 19 vaccination. David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, shares simplicity of annuities as a possible investment tool for retirement. Despite numerous setbacks the remarkable story of the 17-years Soichi Honda invested in building a multi-billion dollar motorcycle and automobile company.

E10: Family History & Artistic Pursuits

Retiree Mona Loy shares fond memories including journals and train logs written by her Great Grandfather from 1919 – 1931. In the segment “Starting Over” former marketing executive Elaine Davis discusses finally pursuing her passion for painting what she calls affordable art.

E9:  Orthopedic Surgeon Stephen L. Henry, M.D. Discusses Prostate Cancer

As easily preventable as colorectal cancer is, Prostate Cancer remains second leading cause of death among men. Former LT Governor and Orthopedic Surgeon Stephen L. Henry, M.D. shares his personal journey with this highly treatable cancer when caught at an early stage.

E8: Vietnam Veteran, iKnow Expo and Investing in Your Future

Retired large animal veterinarian Carle Pippin shares his passion for fellow veterans as a tireless community volunteer. New Beginnings segment features Gale Reece, founder of iKnow Expo, a care givers conference for Seniors and those with disabilities. David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial, discusses options to consider while planning for or already retired. Also enjoy an amazing story of a good thing that happened out of sheer desperation. The iKnow expo is Saturday September 11th 10 am – 3 pm at the Lexington Senior Center.

E7: Elder Connections & New Beginnings

Dr. Nancy Henkin, Sr. Fellow with Generations United, discusses expanding the role of Elders in lives of kids and community. Entrepreneur Michael D. Teague discusses his forthcoming book, “Re-Launching at Mid-Life: Creating the Change You Have To Make”. Dr. Dale Tarver reflects on rebuilding her life and medical practice in Georgia in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans.  We also hear from  AARP Historian Emerita Lily Liu who has become a fierce national advocate on addressing issues related to caregiving.

E6: Polypharmacy, Hosparus Part 2, Success of an Aging Dreamer

Dr. Dimitra Antimisiaris discusses Polypharmacy commonly defined as the use of five or more medications daily by an individual. Part 2 of an interview with Kenya Whitfield discussing services provided by Hosparus. Episode 6 concludes with the story of a dreamer who tasted sour defeat long before ever savoring the sweet taste of success.

E5: Man Loses 100-Pounds, Personal Alzheimer’s Experience from Nazareth Home, Couple Married in ’69 Share Fond Memories

Chuck Bent shares his story of losing 100 pounds. Nazareth Home President & CEO Mary Haynes discusses her professional and family experience with Alzheimer’s disease. Vic and Colleen Bitter, married in 1969, share fond memories. Concludes with an inspirational story about a boy everyone dismissed as a nobody but as an adult became somebody who attracted international fame and fortune.

E4: Hospurus, AARP Volunteer Charlotte Whitaker, and the Woman Who Built a $90-Million  Empire from Her Kitchen

Part 1 of 2 Part Interview featuring Hosparus Community Outreach manager Kenya Whitfield. Charlotte Whitaker shares some of her favorite memories traveling with Seniors ages 70+ whom she fondly calls “No Goes, Slow Goes, and Go-Goes’. Hear the backstory of a woman who built a pie cooking enterprise which she later sold years later for $90-million dollars.

E3: Thrive Center (Part 2), More Downsizing Tips, Sr. Olympic Race Walker and “Pearls of Wisdom” with Lily Liu

Conclusion of two-part interview with Sheri Rose, CEO of Thrive Center. Ashley Gude returns with more tips and ideas for downsizing or simply ‘calming the chaos’ so people can focus on living life. We also catch up with Sr. Olympian Race and Power Walker Charlie Waller.

E2: Thrive Center (Part 1), Downsizing Tips, Senior Pickleball Olympian, and “Pearls of Wisdom” with Lily Liu

In Part 1 of a 2-part interview CEO Sheri Rose provides an overview of innovative programs and services Thrive Center provides for aging well. Also part 1 of a 2 part interview with closet organizer Ashley Gude offering tips and ideas for downsizing or simply ‘calming the chaos’ so people can focus on living life. Followed by an interview with national Senior Games competitor Bob Stacey who is also Kentucky’s official Pickleball Ambassador for the USA Pickleball Association. Last but not least Lily Liu returns with more Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus (1884-1967).

The New Normal of Telemedicine

Dr. Thaddeus J. Bell, MD, from Charleston, S.C. discusses the new normal of Telemedicine which presents challenges and new opportunities for senior patients. Lily Liu, Historian Emerita for AARP  in Washington, D.C. , shares some Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus (1884-1967),  elder rights activist and founder of AARP.